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Commercial/HOA Pool Services

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Residential Pool Services

Exhausted of working on the pool all weekend? Tired of taking in water to get tested and hauling chemicals back from the store. Save the gas, time, and trouble and Let Us Help! We will gladly-

  • Clean the pool
  • Empty the skimmers and cleaner bag
  • Test the water and add chemicals
  • Blow the deck
  • Maintain the equipment

Whew, that is a lot of hard work! Now you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful backyard pool.

Pool Renovations

Thank you for considering Splash Pool Management Co. for your replastering and renovation needs. I am confident that my attention to detail, drive for perfection, and organizational skills will give you a high quality renovation project.

The prep and bond coat is the most important step in the replastering process. This application ensures proper adhesion of new to old plaster. Our prepping process includes mechanically checking every square foot of pool floor surface for hollow spots. We chip out and remove these areas. The entire surface is then acid washed and neutralized to remove all oils and debris. Our acrylic bond coat is applied evenly and thoroughly for 99% coverage. An equally important step is the under water curing of the plaster finish which will occur over the next 10 to 12 months. During this time the plaster is very susceptible to poor water conditions. This underwater curing process causes an unbalance in the water chemistry as the pool actually grows calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonates, and calcium silicates which strengthens and seals the porous surface of the new finish.

At least 60% of the maturing process is accomplished within the first 28 days. It is imperative that the water chemistry and the care of the plaster be maintained during this period to help ensure a long lasting and high quality plaster finish. We include this service and the chemicals necessary to ensure proper curing and to balance the water. Please contact us for a detailed list of our replastering procedure.


Are you a new swimming pool owner or want to learn how to safely operate your pool? Let one of our Certified Technicians give you a guided tour identifying your pool structure and explaining each piece of equipment. This is your opportunity to ask any and all questions about your pool. We will properly train you on how to maintain the unique aspects of your swimming pool and teach you how to identify problems. In many cases early identification of problems can save a pool owner money, time, and aggravation. Our Pool School will help you decide whether you would need our regular residential service or to enjoy taking care your beautiful backyard pool yourself. Splash Pool School takes place in the comfort of your own back yard and usually takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours. We highly encourage you to take many notes and even video if you wish.

Splash Pool School includes:

  • A visual inspection of the pool and your equipment
  • We will identify any needs or potential problems
  • Identification and explanation of pool equipment and how they work, including:
  • The circulating system
  • The automation/control system
  • The heating system
  • The sanitation system
  • How to turn pumps, heater, and other special features on and off
  • How to test the pool water chemicals
  • Explain basic water chemistry and provide a customized dosage sheet
  • Safe practices for adding and storage of pool chemicals
  • A review of your pool's features to determine that you are compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool & Spa Safety Act

Our pool school is opened to one and all. Splash Pool School cost only $250.00

Ready to go to Splash Pool School? Contact us today.

Inspect your Facility

After the initial pool build, the pool plaster is the most expensive element and investment of the pool. If properly maintained, the pool plaster should last 5-10 years or longer. During the summer months the plaster and pool water is well cared for. However, in the off season the pool and water is often neglected for 7-8 months of the year. Failure to keep the water balanced on a regular basis can result in staining, pitting, or scaling, decreasing the appearance and life of the plaster and is expensive to correct.

In addition to the pool, the area inside the pool fence is often neglected as most landscaping companies are not contracted to attend to this area. This unsightly collection of leaves and debris on the deck and pool area are not only a hindrance to the appearance of the property but also increases rodent and insect issues. In addition, the bathrooms are often left in an unsanitary condition for months on end.

Protect your Investment

In order to protect your investment, we feel the pool and the pool area need to be visually inspected, monitored, and treated. We extend our inspection and maintenance to the fenced in area around the pool, removing leaves and debris. We also offer a commercial bathroom cleaning if the bathrooms are used year round. While these issues may not be absolutely necessary, it is a well established fact that a homeowners association that has a well maintained amenity package has better resale values on homes in that development. We recognize this need for a winter maintenance program and are offering this service to our valued customers. We recommend a minimum of once per month service which includes the following:

Maintain your Pool and System

We appreciate your interest in this program. This service is designed to minimize algae growth, maintain chemical balance and reduce additional spring start-up costs and enhance the appearance of the pool area for an additional 7-8 months of the year. As pool professionals, we urge you to protect your investment and participate with this winter maintenance program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Use the Taylor test kit, refer to the directions on the inside of the lid.

  1. Rinse comparator tube 3 times in the pool.
  2. Take water sample from elbow length deep.
    1. Avoid taking water sample from corners, steps, and dead spots
    2. Avoid returns
  3. Measure water in the comparator tube at the bottom of the meniscus.
  4. Hold reagent bottle vertically to squeeze a drop.
  5. Swirl to mix.
  6. Use cap, not fingers to mix
  7. Test chlorine first, then pH, TA, CH, then CYA
  8. Dump the tested water into trash. Do not dump the tested water back into the pool.
  9. Rinse comparator tube 3 times and store upside down in the test kit.
  10. Record readings in pool manual
ParametersIdealRangeTesting Frequency
Free Chlorine 3.0-5.0 ppm 3.0-10.0 ppm 3 times/day
Combined ChlorineLess than .2 ppm  
pH 7.4-7.67.2-7.8 3 times/day
Total Alkalinity80-100 for liquid Chlorine
100-120 for Trichlor
60-180Once per week
Calcium Hardness200-400 ppm150-1,000 ppmOnce per week
Cyanuric Acid30-50ppmLess than 100 ppmOnce per week
TDS-Total Dissolved Solids1,500 ppm over start-up Once per week
S.I.-0.3 - 0.5 Once per week
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