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Winter Pool Care Page
After the initial pool build, the pool plaster is the most expensive element and investment of the pool. If properly maintained, the pool plaster should last 5-10 years or longer. During the summer months the plaster and pool water is well cared for. However, in the off season the pool and water is often neglected for 7-8 months of the year. Failure to keep the water balanced on a regular basis can result in staining, pitting, or scaling, decreasing the appearance and life of the plaster and is expensive to correct. In addition to the pool, the area inside the pool fence is often neglected as most landscaping companies are not contracted to attend to this area. This unsightly collection of leaves and debris on the deck and pool area are not only a hindrance to the appearance of the property but also increases rodent and insect issues. In addition, the bathrooms are often left in an unsanitary condition for months on end.

In order to protect your investment, we feel the pool and the pool area need to be visually inspected, monitored, and treated. We extend our inspection and maintenance to the fenced in area around the pool, removing leaves and debris. We also offer a commercial bathroom cleaning if the bathrooms are used year round. While these issues may not be absolutely necessary, it is a well established fact that a homeowners association that has a well maintained amenity package has better resale values on homes in that development. We recognize this need for a winter maintenance program and are offering this service to our valued customers. We recommend a minimum of once per month service which includes the following:
  • Visual inspection of pool, water, deck, pump room, and bathrooms
  • Removal of leaves and debris from deck to the outside of fence area
  • Drain excess water from solid cover
  • Test and treat water with appropriate chemicals to retard algae growth and maintain ph balance
  • Maintain proper pool water level for winter
  • Commercially clean and disinfect bathroom facilities (if applicable)
  • Included are all pool chemicals, cleaning supplies and paper products
We appreciate your interest in this program. This service is designed to minimize algae growth, maintain chemical balance and reduce additional spring start-up costs and enhance the appearance of the pool area for an additional 7-8 months of the year. As pool professionals, we urge you to protect your investment and participate with this winter maintenance program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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