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Water Chemistry Testing

Use the Taylor test kit, refer to the directions on the inside of the lid.

  1. Rinse comparator tube 3 times in the pool.
  2. Take water sample from elbow length deep.
    1. Avoid taking water sample from corners, steps, and dead spots
    2. Avoid returns
  3. Measure water in the comparator tube at the bottom of the meniscus.
  4. Hold reagent bottle vertically to squeeze a drop.
  5. Swirl to mix.
  6. Use cap, not fingers to mix
  7. Test chlorine first, then pH, TA, CH, then CYA
  8. Dump the tested water into trash. Do not dump the tested water back into the pool.
  9. Rinse comparator tube 3 times and store upside down in the test kit.
  10. Record readings in pool manual
ParametersIdealRangeTesting Frequency
Free Chlorine 3.0-5.0 ppm 3.0-10.0 ppm 3 times/day
Combined ChlorineLess than .2 ppm  
pH 7.4-7.67.2-7.8 3 times/day
Total Alkalinity80-100 for liquid Chlorine
100-120 for Trichlor
60-180Once per week
Calcium Hardness200-400 ppm150-1,000 ppmOnce per week
Cyanuric Acid30-50ppmLess than 100 ppmOnce per week
TDS-Total Dissolved Solids1,500 ppm over start-up Once per week
S.I.-0.3 - 0.5 Once per week
  • If Chlorine is 5.0 ppm, perform a dilution test.


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