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Renovations Page
Thank you for considering Splash Pool Management Co. for your replastering and renovation needs. I realize you have many choices; however, I am confident that my attention to detail, drive for perfection, and organizational skills will give you a high quality renovation project.

The prep and bond coat is the most important step in the replastering process. This application ensures proper adhesion of new to old plaster. Our prepping process includes mechanically checking every square foot of pool floor surface for hollow spots. We chip out and remove these areas. The entire surface is then acid washed and neutralized to remove all oils and debris. Our acrylic bond coat is applied evenly and thoroughly for 99% coverage. An equally important step is the under water curing of the plaster finish which will occur over the next 10 to 12 months. During this time the plaster is very susceptible to poor water conditions. This underwater curing process causes an unbalance in the water chemistry as the pool actually grows calcium hydroxide, calcium carbonates, and calcium silicates which strengthens and seals the porous surface of the new finish.

At least 60% of the maturing process is accomplished within the first 28 days. It is imperative that the water chemistry and the care of the plaster be maintained during this period to help ensure a long lasting and high quality plaster finish. We include this service and the chemicals necessary to ensure proper curing and to balance the water. Please contact us for a detailed list of our replastering procedure.


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