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Parents of Splash Employees

Welcome to our webpage designed just for you. There are many questions and concerns that come with being parents to a young, first-time, teenage employee. Please know we take great care to educate and train our employees as most of them are new to the employee-employer relationship. While the work itself is not hard sometimes the work world concepts are a bit more challenging and for that reason we do micro manage. Our scheduling is tailored to meet today's young adult's life style. We assume they will have family vacations, camps, sports, and church events however; we must have 2 weeks' notice for time off to still meet our clients' needs as well.

We highly encourage you to ask questions and be supportive of their new responsibility. With that being said, please understand that they will stumble a bit a first and make mistakes but we are prepared to pick them up, dust them off and help them back on the horse so to speak. While your support is needed, please remember the end goal is to make them independent, responsible young adults. Our 12 year experience shows, that the learning curve is steep but with patience, firmness, and consistency we will end up with a great employee and you a more mature individual! Below is employment information that may help you understand and be supportive of their new job with Splash Pool Management.

  • Initial Mandatory Meeting and On-site Training are just that "Mandatory". Without this training, the employee cannot do their job.
  • Absolutely no visitors are allowed to visit employee while on duty (i.e. friends, family, and boy/girlfriends) Mom's, it is ok to drop off the forgotten lunch or drinks!
  • The employee must protect them self from the sun and heat. Always wear sun block, use the umbrella and keep a bottle of fluids handy throughout the shift.
  • No use of cell phone while on duty unless it is to communicate with Splash Management or for an emergency. No text messaging or game playing allowed while on duty.
  • All employees must work the 3 summer holidays and their corresponding holiday weekends. (Unless written approval has been granted by the Company)
  • Minimum working dates are May 15 through September 15 with weekends only before school lets out for the summer and after school is in session in the fall.
  • Request Time-Off Forms and Schedules are available under the "Employee Tab".
  • Schedules are released weekly on Thursdays and run Monday through Sunday.
  • All Time-Off Requests must be submitted by Monday prior to the release of schedule.
  • No schedule changes or trades allowed unless approved by the Company office.
  • Hours must be submitted on Sunday, the last day of the pay period to receive the paycheck on time. If hours are submitted late, the paycheck will not be issued until the following payday.
  • No schedule changes or trades allowed unless approved by the Company office. All switching or trading shifts must be requested and approved.

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